The best tactical plans are based on well thought-out strategies. Look to Kress Design for experience and skill in building corporate, product, and marketing strategy.

Go to Market Strategy

The principals at Kress Design are former corporate executives with a successful track record of developing go-to-market strategies addressing product, geographic, revenue, profit, and budget goals.

Brand Strategy

Unlike large advertising/design agencies, there are no layers of bureaucracy at the Kress Design Group. You work directly with the principals to build and execute a strategic brand image that clearly and emphatically supports your value proposition. We bring your message to life, crystallizing your solution’s features/benefits into compelling business benefits that sell.

Creative Strategy

Kress Design Group is a full service, multi-media marketing communications agency with a burning desire to produce the best work possible for the best companies possible. We pride ourselves on the long list of past and present happy clients covering a broad spectrum of industries and product offerings. Our combination of creativity, experience, and commitment allows us to deliver effective solutions for our clients’ success and productivity.